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2017 Sharkbait Inductees

Key information for the GMHBA Lorne Pier to Pub Events

  • 2019 Dates:
  • GMHBA Lorne Mountain to Surf Friday 11th Jan 2019

    GMHBA Lorne Pier to Pub and GMHBA Lorne 5000, Saturday 12th Jan 2019

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Congratulations to our newest Sharkbait members!

The sharkbait club is an award given to swimmers who have completed 10 swims in the GMHBA Lorne Pier to Pub swim.

We also recognise loyal competitors, who have completed 20 and 30 year swims. Congratulations to all of these 2018 confirmed inductees. And as a reward, next year you have guaranteed entry to the swim (for the first two weeks).

Sharkbait medals will be presented after 3 pm at the main stage. Please be there to be presented with your medal.

Late entries will be ineligible for presentation of Sharkbait medals on the day, and will be presented the following year.

*** Click here for the 2018 Sharkbait Medal list ***

This list is now final for 2018. Any adjustments from now will be made for the 2019 swim. If you think you should be on this list, please contact shark_bait@lornesurfclub.com.au

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