Key information for Nippers

The next Nippers Intensive Program will run from Tuesday 28 December 2021 to Wednesday 5 January 2022.

Nipper kit pick up is 2pm – 4.30pm Monday 27 December 2021.

The application process will be advised later in 2021.

21/22 Lorne Nipper Intensive Program

The Lorne Nippers program aims to help kids from U7 – U13 to learn water and beach awareness and safety, and be introduced to surf lifesaving in a fun and safe environment. It’s about learning and developing skills, making new friends, participating in a group and importantly having fun!

Lorne also offers a training and development squad for those who are interested in honing their skills to compete in surf carnivals.  Contact Kirilee Wilson our Nippers Competition Team Manager for more details.

In 20/21, due to restrictions placed on surf life saving clubs across Victoria, Lorne offered a nippers program for U9 – U13, plus the Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) for U14s.  Details for 21/22 will be advised later in 2021.

The planned dates are as follows. We expect the program to run from 9.30am – 10.30 each morning for U7 – U10 and from 9.30am – 11.00am for U11 – U13:

Monday 27 December – Nipper kit pick up, 2pm – 4.30pm
Tuesday 28 December – Program day 1
Wednesday 29 December – Program day 2
Thursday 30 December – Program day 3
Friday 3 December – Program day 4
Saturday 1 January – Rest Day
Sunday 2 January – Program day 5
Monday 3 January – Program day 6
Tuesday 4 January – Program day 7
Wednesday 5 January – Program day 8

Club Championship day and Fairhaven Shield friendly competition day tba.

Some important things to note for the nippers program for 20/21 may still apply in 21/22:
  • Due to restrictions on numbers of patrons within the club and in the change rooms at any one time, nippers will not be allowed in the clubhouse before, during or immediately after the nipper program times each day,  This includes in and around the gear shed and change rooms.
  • Nippers need to arrive ready to participate, then disperse at the end of the session.
  • Each morning nippers will need to meet on the beach at your allocated location, not congregate on the grass in front of the clubhouse like we usually do.  Information on your daily meeting location will be provided in the nippers kit that should be collected on the afternoon of December 27.
  • All nippers, and any parents/guardians staying to offer support will need to “check-in” at the start of each session.  The club’s QR code will be available with your age group on the beach each morning.  Do not go to the club house to do the “check-in”.
  • Nippers boards and any other club gear cannot be used or borrowed by nippers outside of the organised session times.
We hope nippers and parents understand that 21/22 may still be a different year, and we may need to follow these guidelines to help keep everyone safe.