Key information for the Powercor Lorne Pier to Pub Events

  • Powercor Lorne Mountain to Surf Friday 10th Jan 2020, 8.30am
  • Powercor Lorne Pier to Pub, Saturday 11th Jan 2020, 11.45am (earlier than 2019)
  • Entries will open 4 November 2019
The first swim starts around 11.45am however please check the Swim Waves section for the precise wave start time each year.
1.2km open water swim from the Lorne Pier to the beach. Depending on the day and the tide the distance can be slightly longer than this. You should be able to confidently swim 1500m in a pool
The Powercor Lorne Pier to Pub swim attracts swimmers from all ages and from all levels including recreational and professional. You will need to complete the swim in reasonable time, less than 40 minutes. Swimmers who take too long may be removed from the water for their own safety.
$70 (all age groups). Late entries cost $100 (typically after 14th Dec)
A wet-suit is not essential, however many participants choose to wear one for warmth and comfort. We strongly recommend that you wear a wet-suit. Wet-suits may be available for hire on the day - we will advise closer to the time.
Results will be available on the surfclub's website later in the day of the race.
If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please contact our Sponsorship Co-ordinator for more information. Details can be found on our contacts page.
Our Race Director or Deputy race Director - Details can be found on our contacts page
Everyone should be a regular swimmer and we encourage regular medical check-ups. If you have not been swimming for a while or have never swum in an open water event or in the ocean you should definitely have a medical check up.
Boats cannot come close to the competitors. Maritime Safety Victoria has clear rules issued as part of our race permit to ensure the safety of competitor safety, there is a boating exclusion zone for the event from 7:30am to 5pm from the pier to the beach and 500m from the shore along this distance. Event Rescue craft will be monitoring the exclusion zone.