Powercor Lorne Pier to Pub

The Powercor Lorne Pier to Pub is in its 41st year in 2021 and is the largest ocean water swim in the world. The swim is a 1.2km course starting at the Lorne Pier and finishing on the foreshore in front of the Lorne Surf Lifesaving Club house. It is organised and run by the volunteers of Lorne Surf Lifesaving Club.

Key Dates

Powercor Lorne Mountain to Surf – 8.30am Friday January 8 2021 (entries open early November)

Powercor Lorne Pier to Pub – 11.45am Saturday January 9 2021 (entries open early November)

Entry Details

$70 entry fee (all age groups), up to 14th Dec ($100 late entry fee post 14th Dec).

Sharkbait Club swimmers are guaranteed entry in the first two weeks.

Minimum age 12 on the date of the swim.

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Entries have now closed for the Pier to Pub

Lorne Mountain to Surf

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Lorne Pier to Pub

Swim Waves

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Like the last few years there will be no ballot – if you enter in the first two weeks you are likely to obtain a place.

Sharkbait swimmers will enter at the same time as all other swimmers and will be guaranteed entries in the first 2 weeks.

On The Day

How early do I need to be there?

Registration is open from 9am to 12pm on the day.  Make sure you arrive early and consider coming the inland route via Deans Marsh as it is usually the fastest route on the day.  Make sure you park legally – you can park in one of the public car parks ($25 entry fee to the Lorne Men’s Shed community association and local school) or we offer free parking and a courtesy shuttle bus from the Golf Club car park, which is convenient if you are coming the inland route.


Keeping hydrated on the day

We recommend everyone bring their own water bottles. We will have a Barwon Water row of fountains at the North side of the surf club for refilling.

Lorne is moving to become a plastic-free town and as part of that the Lorne Pier to Pub is adopting a plastic minimisation policy. We will be phasing in our minimisation changes over the next two years, and as an example of this, water will be available for swimmers at the finish, but not plastic water bottles.

Changing and gear

There is a gear tent for swimmers to place their bags and also we can transport gear from the pier back to the beach in our gear truck. Do not place valuables in bags as we do not accept any responsibility for any losses.


You need to be at the pier 30 minutes before your race. It can be a 15-20 minute walk from the surf club.

The Swim

If this is your first time swimming be aware of the following:

  1. It is very busy at the start, so try starting back from the start line and wait 5 seconds after the gun to give yourself space and reduce the risk of an accidental kick or arm
  2. Take your time during the race to get your bearings
  3. If distressed put your arm up and someone will come to assist you
The Finish

Cross the timing matts on the finish line and keep moving up the beach where you remove your timing band. There will be water near the clubhouse and you can collect your gear from the gear tent and change in the changing tent if you wish. Then please move from the finish area to make way for your fellow 5,000 swimmers!

Withdrawals and refunds

We accept withdrawals up to the 14th of December.  We charge a 15 dollar admin. fee for a withdrawal.  After the 14th of December we do not offer refunds.  Entries are not transferable.  Withdrawals are replaced by swimmers on the waiting list.

Event Cancellation

If the swim is cancelled (e.g. due to adverse conditions), the event will be re-run on a pre-determined date (TBA each year).  Swimmers unable to make the re-run date will not be eligible for a refund.

Additional Information

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