Key Information for the Powercor Lorne Pier to Pub Events

  • 2022 race dates are Powercor Lorne Mountain to Surf, Fri 7th Jan & Powercor Lorne Pier to Pub, Sat 8th Jan
  • Entries open on the 1st of November

Historic Race Results

2021 Powercor Virtual Pier to Pub Results

Click for some great training tips from our Superfish

Check out the Australian Dolphins swim the Virtual Pier to Pub

Great news! The Pier to Pub is going ahead with our “normal” event at Lorne and a virtual event for those unable to attend due to Covid.

The Powercor Lorne Pier to Pub is a CovidSafe event. To enter you must be fully vaccinated.

There are a few changes to the way we are running the event due to Covid. This space is evolving quite quickly so please check back here for the latest information.

Entries Open

Entries open on the 1st of November 2021


Swim $70.00
Virtual Swim $55.00


On the day registration will be a two step process this year. The first step will be a QR code and covid certificate check followed by tshirt, timing band and swim cap collection. Registration opens at 8:00am and closes at 1:00pm.

We have added more swim waves and spread the event out so that the number of people at the start is reduced. Waves now start at 10:30 AM and go through the day. See Here

Do not attend if you are feeling unwell.

Stay 1.5m apart.

Gear drop has is part of the start queue at the pier which is a fenced area and only accessible just before you enter the water. For environmental reasons, we encourage competitors to bring their own gear bags we can add a label to.

Use hand sanitizer before registration and competing.

Download the Service Victoria app. and link in you covid certificate.

If you don’t have a mobile then print out your covid vaccination certificate and bring it with you.

No proof of vaccination no swim!

Wear a mask!


Please aim to be at your wave shortly before it starts. We are trying to keep the crowds at the start to a minimum.

Waves are smaller and a bit further apart. Waves start at 10:30 AM.

Water is provided on exit from the swim.


Please collect your gear, change, and leave. There are change tents located on the foreshore finish area.

Prize presentations. Category winners will be notified by SMS.

The virtual swim

We are offering a virtual swim this year as well as the actual swim. The virtual swim you complete the swim in your local pool, river lake dam etc, and tell us the time that you did. Results for the virtual swim will be shown as an asterisked entry.

The virtual swim is good for people who can’t compete due to travel restrictions etc.

The virtual swim includes a tshirt which will be mailed to you in January.

When you enter the virtual swim you will be sent a link for uploading your time. You need to complete your virtual swim and upload the time by the 6th of Jan 2022.

Introducing Heroes

In 2022 we have added a new age category of Heroes. This is for the amazing swimmers in their 80s who compete in the event. This age group and the Legends swim at the same time.

Arrive – Compete – Leave

Due to Covid we are trying to minimise the number of people on site. We would ask that you don’t bring spectators with you and that you leave the site once your swim is complete. We have reduced the size of swim waves and are generally trying to keep one competitor to 2 square metres. So where possible please stay 1.5m apart. Lots of these changes are going to make for a different swim than in past years and we would ask for your patience and forbearance running a CovidSafe and separated event.

Covid Events, Cancellations, Refunds

The whole what is happening due to Covid is a bit uncertain (and that is an understatement). We are investing in delivering another great sold out Lorne event.

If we have to react to a change in circumstance due to covid and health directions (which would be a reduction in Lorne event numbers), we will conduct a ballot of swimmers from those already entered and give places to ballot winners and virtual swims to the rest. During on-line registration, you get to say what you would like to happen to the balance of your entry fee if such a worst case situation developed, virtual and a donation or virtual and a small refund. NB no administration fees are charged

If we have to cancel the event then everyone gets entered into the virtual event. As we are investing now in delivering a normal event with the associated costs, there is no withdrawal and refund, just entry conversion to virtual.

If you have Covid, Covid symptoms, or should be isolating during the Lorne event timeframe, please don’t attend and contact the office at to arrange a withdrawal and refund. A $15.00 administration fee is charged.

Boating Exclusion Zone

Please note that there is a boating exclusion zone on the day of the Pier to Pub. It runs from 7:30am to 4:30 pm and covers the area from the Pier to Erskine River mouth. No boats may enter this area during this time.

Course Maps


We would like to thank the support of our fantastic sponsors in 2020/21: