Latest news and reminders for members:

Annual Skills Maintenance is now on – make sure you attend one of these sessions before 31st January:

Sat 23 Nov – 9:00am – Jan Juc

Sun 24 Nov – 9:00am – Anglesea

Sun 24 Nov – 10:00am – Lorne

Wed 27 Nov – 6:30pm – Jan Juc

Sat 30 Nov – 1:00pm – Jan Juc

Sat 7 Dec – 1:00pm – Anglesea

Sun 8 Dec – 1:00pm – Torquay

Sun 8 Dec – 2:00pm – Lorne

Sat 14 Dec – 9:00am – Fairhaven

Sat 21 Dec – 9:00am – Jan Juc

Sun 22 Dec – 9:00am – Anglesea

Sat 28 Dec – 9:00am – Fairhaven

Sun 29 Dec – 9:00am – Lorne

Sun 29 Dec – 12.00pm – Torquay

Mon 30 Dec – 2:00pm – Anglesea

More details on this and other club news can be found in the latest Lorne Mower newsletter in News and Events

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Dates, News and Events


Check your patrols and other important dates on the Club Calendar and make sure you understand your Patrol Responsibilities

DIal in to the latest News and Events

Join the Club Facebook if you haven’t already (a closed group), and follow our public Lorne SLSC Facebook page and our public Pier to Pub and Mountain to Surf Facebook page


Memberships and Payments


Make sure you renew your membership by 1st July each year (members need to be financial to vote at the July Annual General Meeting)

Obtain or renew your Working With Children Check (required for all members over 18)


Nippers, Bronze, Qualifications, Competition


All the information and registration for the Nipper program

The latest on Bronze Medallion including Bronze Camp, and further Qualifications.

Join our Competition teams in one of many “surf sports”, or come and enjoy supporting the Black and White in action at a Surf Carnival.  Carnival dates are listed in the Life Saving Victoria sports calendar.




Find out what our Exec Committee, General Committee and Sub Committees are responsible for and do, and consider getting involved – it is great fun and also great experience.


Club Use


Using the Gym

All members using the gym need to complete a form before use – click here to access the form and agree to these terms and conditions:

Lorne Surf Life Saving Club (“the Club”) Gymnasium Conditions of Use/Code of Conduct
1. Use of the Club’s Gymnasium (“the Gym”) is subject to the approval by the Club upon completion of a Lorne Surf Life Saving Club Gymnasium User Form. Forms can be found online at
2. Access to the gym is available to Lorne SLSC members who are financial, proficient, bronze medal holders aged 16 years or older.
3. Members aged under 16 years, including SRC’s, may use the gym subject to approval and under supervision only.
4. Each time you use the gym please complete the Gymnasium Sign In/Sign Out Sheet. The Gymnasium Sign In/Sign Out sheet is located inside the gym near the entrance.
5. No smoking, food or drink (other than plastic/metal bottles/water cooler) is permitted in the gym.
6. Do not remove equipment from the gym without supervisor approval.
7. Always use a towel for hygiene purposes and WIPE EQUIPMENT AFTER USE.
8. If you are the last person in the gym, switch off all electrical equipment and secure premises on leaving.
9. Lifters must use collars on bars and must not drop weights on floor.
10. Lifters must use spotters on all moderate to heavy sets.
11. Do not leave weights on the floor. Return all weights to racks after use.
12. Return all equipment to its allocated position (covers to be placed on ergos).
13. Gym users must dress appropriately at all times (ie. Closed shoes must be worn at all times. Lower body clothing: athletic shorts, tights or aerobic outfits. Upper body clothing: T-shirts, singlets, sweat shirts or tank tops required).
14. Respect your fellow gym users at all times. Do not make derogatory comments or use abusive language and do not engage in inappropriate or disruptive behaviour.