Lorne SLSC competes in all surf life saving sports, across all age groups from Nippers and Juniors, through Opens and also in the older ‘Masters’ age groups.

We compete at local Victorian carnivals, the State Titles and the National Titles every year.  Every few years we also compete at the World Titles.  We have had many competitors and team represent Victoria and even Australia in national and international competitions.  Our past competitors include a range of Commonwealth Games reps and Olympians.

Competing is incredibly rewarding and a great way to keep fit, make new friends and maintain your surf life saving skills.  If you are interested in competing, contact any one of the competition captains in the sections below, a relevant Nipper Age Group Manager, or the overall Vice President of Competition.

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Surf Boats

Surf Boat Rowing is one of the most historic and iconic surf life saving competitions, dating from the times when surf boats were a primary rescue method, before the adoption of Inflatable Rescue Boats powered by outboard engines.  Lorne has very strong mens and womens surf boat crews, under the coaching and guidance of some of Australia’s best ‘sweeps’.  They regularly win State titles and perform strongly at the ‘Aussies’, and have vene won a World Title!

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Board, Ski and Swim

Taking on the surf as a swimmer, malibu board paddler or surf ski paddler is one of the most challenging things you can do – racing out into the waves and then coming back, trying to catch the biggest waves first, hold on when they break and come home in front, is a fantastic experience.  It requires surf knowledge, surf skills, strength and fitness, including some beach running in and out of the water, and everyone has a chance given the unpredictability of the waves.

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Beach Events

The beach events include distance running on the sand (1 and 2 km), beach sprints (90m), beach flags and beach relays (4x beach sprint teams).  The sand adds a completely different challenge to normal athletics events, and can be great cross-training for aspiring athletes.  The beach flags although appearing at first sight as a ‘novelty event’, is one of the hardest fought competitions in all of the surf life saving competitions.

Contact our Beach Area Captain for more information.

IRB Racing

Inflatable Rescue Boats are now the most common means of rescue, particularly for swimmers caught in Rips.  So it’s not surprising that a whole new area of competition has developed for IRBs, which enables our IRB drivers and crew to hone their skills in the surf.  Lorne has a strong IRB team, which competes over the Winter months at beaches around the State.

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Nippers and Junior Development

Our Nipper team competes in a series of carnivals, from the Lorne Club Championships, the annual Lorne vs Fairhaven Shield, to carnivals around the state and the State Titles.  This 2019 season Lorne is hosting State Titles on the weekend of 23/24 Feb.  The competition is all about developing skills, and the kids and parents have a great time at the carnivals.

Nippers carnivals are for U8 – U13 age groups.  In U14s children complete their SRC certificate and can start participating in active patrols.  In addition we have an active youth team that compete in Senior Carnivals U14 age group and up.  The youth group compete in U14s, U15s, U17s and U19s before hitting the Open age group.

Click through for more details on the Nipper Program, or contact David Hay, our Vice President of Junior Development or Kirilee Wilson our Nippers Competition Team Manager.

The latest LSV competition calendars can be found here.


Our rich competition tradition has seen hundreds of medals won at State and National Titles over the years.  We are currently updating our results records for publishing online – contact our results recorder if you can add to the results in the sections below.

Check out our latest Competition Results

National and International Titles


State Titles (Open and Junior)

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State Masters Titles

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State Nipper Titles

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Representative Awards and Distinguished Achievements

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